You can only improve what you measure

Help end user managers and people leaders in your organization to improve their diversity.

With Progress Data, you get research based improvement suggestions and help to measure and track the diversity within your company.

Set goals and improve

Measure progress periodically

We take care of importing the data that you already have and survey your employees for what you do not currently have. We also make sure you update the data when people join or leave, and re-run surveys at regular intervals.

Set realistic goals

Improving diversity is a slow but rewarding process. Our tool helps you manage expectations and set realistic goals.

Get concrete improvement suggestions

Depending on the state of your company; your current progress, size, and other factors, you will get research-based suggestions on how to improve your diversity.

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Diversity matters

Improve your bottomline

Companies with wider diversity are more likely to have better financial performance.

Attract more top talent

When you improve diversity, not only do you get applicants from a larger pool, you also become a more attractive employer to socially conscious top talent.

We're not making this up

Dozens of reports have been written on this subject, we link to a few of them in the references section of all our pages.

“Company managers are unable to pull diversity reports that are valuable for hiring pipeline efficiency”

C-level manager, international game studio